Monday, February 27, 2006

Henrik Lundqvist is the King of Sweden.

Holy Moly, what a Goalie!

Henrik Lundqvist Sweden Gold

And wouldn't a Stanley Cup go perfectly with that Olympic Gold Medal...

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Home & Home = Win & Win

Like deja vu all over again. Rangers 4 Maple Leafs 2
Home & Home-Win & Win!

Yo, it's time for the Olympics, and here's a quartet of Blueshirts who will be skating for the Czech team:
Ranger-Czech Olympians

Let's Go Rangers, wherever you are!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rangers Rake the Leafs

Rangers 4 - Maple Leafs 2 YAY!!
Two more power play goals for NHL leader Jaromir Jagr, and a breakaway game winner from Tom Poti.
Out of the 'Sin Bin', thru the '5-Hole'

And how about this sniper shot from Petr Sykora?
Rangers Rake Leafs

Another game against the Maple Leafs tonight in Toronto, then comes the Olympic break.
Let's Go Rangers!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rangers Stun Senators!

Rangers Stun Senators

3 points for Jagr, and the boys dominate the 'Dominator' Dominic Hasek. A frelling full-on effort for 60 minutes. Beauty, eh?
Just a home & home with Toronto before the Olympic break, so don't stop now, mmkay?
Let's Go Rangers!

(If you think owns this photo, you're correct.)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February has one too many R's.

Due to a fluke in scheduling, I will have to miss watching the Super Bowl. That's the bad news. The good news is, if my team (the Steelers) stinks up the joint, I won't have to suffer through it.
If they win, I'm guessing ESPN will highlight (ad nauseum) every significant play, so I can still jump up and down, and shout at the television.

1 Wed. Grappino 6-10 (West Dallas, just east of Waugh)
2 Thurs. Marriot in The Woodlands 8-12 (Happy Birthday to me.)
3 Fri. Tobin's 9-1 (11902 Jones Rd.)
4 Sat. Grappino 6-11
5 Sun. Grisby Grill 12-3
5 Sun. Special Assignment
8 Wed. Grappino 6-10
9 Thurs. Beer Island 8-12 (Steak night w/Guitarboy) (Studemont @ White Oak)
10 Fri. Grisby Grill 6-10:00 (Grisby, just south of I-10/HWY 6)
11 Sat. Grappino 6-11
12 Sun. Tobin's 4-10 (Crawfish w/Guitarboy)
14 Tue. Grappino 5:30-9:30
15 Wed. Grappino 6-10
16 Thurs. West End Pub 9-1 (West Little York @ Barker Cypress)
17 Fri. Tobin's 9-1
18 Sat Grisby Grill 6-10:00
19 Sun. Tobin's 4-10 (Crawfish w/Guitarboy)
22 Wed.Special Assignment
23 Thurs. Beer Island 8-12 (Steak night w/Guitarboy)
24 Fri Special Assignment
24 Fri. Tobin's 9-1
25 Sat Grisby Grill 6-10:00
26 Sun. Tobin's 4-10 (Crawfish w/Guitarboy)

Sunday, February 05, 2006


With less than a minute left in regulation, and the Rangers down by a goal...
Rucchin wins the faceoff, kicks the puck back to Straka, who passes it over to Rucinsky, who takes a slapshot that gets tipped in the slot by Nylander, finally deflecting off of Sykora's helmet and into the net. Just the way Coach Renney drew it up.
Oh Baby!!
Jagr then puts in a little overtime, with a one-timer to win the game for the Rangers.
Jagr Puts In Some Overtime
So, this is what 1st place feels like.
So, This Is What 1st Place Feels Like

Let's Go Rangers!!

(photos are from Getty Images)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Blueshirts Go Over and Above...

And back into a tie for 1st place. YAY!!

Rangers Go Over and Above
(photo by Julie Jacobson, AP)

Rangers Fry Fishsticks
(photo from

Let's Go Rangers!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's My Birthday,

and the Rangers gave me an early present by pasting the Pens (yet again) last night 3-1.
Rangers 'outpoint' Pens

Now, if Benji's Buffalo Sabres can beat the Flyers, and if the Rangers beat the fishsticks on Long Island, the Blueshirts will move back into first place.
That's a lot to ask, but it's my frelling birthday, so there!
Rangers vs. Isles

Let's Go Rangers!!

The photos are a birthday present from