Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May Schedule. Guitar yes. Sitar no.

Hey Everybody, I recently discovered that my Martin D-35 acoustic guitar is capable of doing sitar impressions. The trouble is, I DON'T want my guitar to be sounding like a sitar. If I wanted to add a sitar sound to my, um, *cough* act, I'd ask Anoushka Shankar to join my one-man-band.
Anoushka with sitar
(Dear Anoushka, my offer of marriage still stands)

Anyway, you're all invited to come on out this month and see if I'm everything I crack myself up to be.
And make fun of my guitar/sitar impressions. I'm bringing the guitar in for repairs very soon, so laugh now while you can. HAH!

2 Tue. Special Assignment
3 Wed. Grappino 6-10 (West Dallas, just east of Waugh)
4 Thurs. Marriot in The Woodlands 7:30-11:30
5 Fri. Stag's Head Pub Patio 10-1 [Weather Permitting!] (Shepherd's Plaza)
6 Sat. Grisby Grill 6-10:00 (Grisby, just south of I-10/HWY 6)
7 Sun. Tobin's 4-10 (11902 Jones Rd.) (Crawfish w/Guitarboy)
10 Wed. Grappino 6-10
11 Thurs. Special Assignment
12 Fri. Tobin's 9-1
13 Sat. Rascals 9-1 (West Rd. just west of Eldridge)
14 Sun. Tobin's 4-10 (11902 Jones Rd.) (Crawfish w/Guitarboy)
17 Wed. Grappino 6-10
18 Thurs. Marriot in The Woodlands 7:30-11:30
19 Fri. Molly's 9-1:30 (Westheimer @ Wilcrest)
20 Sat. Grisby Grill 6-10:00
24 Wed. Grappino 6-10
26 Fri. Grisby Grill 6-10:00
27 Sat. Special Assignment

Ok, I hope you enjoyed the picture of Ms. Shankar. I know I did. OMG

Monday, May 01, 2006

Saluting Merciful Fans @ MSG

Saluting Merciful Fans @ MSG
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I'm not gonna lie- I dribbled the drool of regret onto the pillow of remorse after the Rangers got swept by the Devils. But despite losing the last 9 games of the season (incl. playoffs) it was a good year for the Blueshirts.
At the end of game 4, the Garden faithful actually began the 'Let's Go Rangers!' cheer and kept it up during the traditional post-series handshake. Classy touch from a not always classy bunch, and the team obviously appreciated the gesture. Way to go fans! Way to go team! YAY!
Meanwhile the NHL playoffs continue, and I'm rooting for my brother's team, the Buffalo Sabres. Go Sabes!