Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Play Like Queens? Lose To Kings.

Play Like Queens? Lose To Kings.jpg
At this time I feel it is important to stress that you don't want to spot your opponent the ENTIRE FIRST PERIOD, if you expect to WIN the frakkin' game. Outshot 21-5 in period 1; behind by 3 goals a minute and a half into period 2; 0 for 9 on the power play, do I have to go on???
So No Candy For You! Try harder in San Jose tomorrow night, and MAYBE I'll give you some M&Ms.
Let's Go Ranguhs!!

I just found out that my crappy cable system now carries VS. network, so now I can watch hockey, provided i quit my job. *sigh*

Monday, October 30, 2006

Rising From The Ashes!

The boys went out west for their first big road trip, and got things started Saturday in a happy way. YAY!
So they even their record at 5 - 5, and it probably helped to get away from the fan pressure at MSG; it also helped that Phoenix is kinda sucky this year, but WE'LL TAKE IT!
* points for Jaromir Jagr (now tied for the league lead. Again!)
* points for Aaron Ward (career high 3!)
* points for Martin Straka (2 goals and a helper!)
Ok, let's keep it going against LA tonight!
My Family Crest
Let's Go Rangers!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


We lose too much. I think it sucks. Guh.
Eddie 'the Eagle' Belfour had an amazing game in net for Florida, and judging by this photo (nice action shot, Barton Silverman) Henrik, apparently you're on your own in the defensive zone.
Let's Go Ranguhs!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Lines, and a Shootout Win for NYR!

Rangers 5, Maple Leafs 4 YAY!!
Brendan Shanahan scored his 8th goal of the season in regulation time, and later scored the only goal during the shootout. That's 606 goals for the veteran superstar. Stay healthy, Shanny, that's all I ask. =)
Coach Renney decided to change up the forward lines, after the recent stretch of sucky play, four losses in five games pretty much defines 'sucky'. It worked, for one night at least. Much of the credit should go to goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who withstood a third period onslaught from Toronto, and shut them out in OT and the shootout.
Henrik, you ROCK!
Let's Go Rangers!! YAY!
I get my NYR photos here!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Guh. I thought we all agreed that we were going to stop this stupid losing silliness. Or was that silly losing stupidness? i don't remember. Either way, it's gotta stop.

Let's Go Ranguhs!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

After 3 Losses, A Win!

YAY!! Obviously, the boys heeded my admonition to pay attention to their defensive responsibilities, I mean just look at this photo by D. Paul Burnett of the NY Times-- Five Ranger position players in the slot. Nice!
Grinders grinding, scorers scoring, penalty killers killing (7) penalties, and Henrik was a freak in the net. All in all, I'm quite pleased, and isn't that what's important- making me happy?
Plotting Strategy:
We can beat these guys, eh? Da!.jpg
Let's Go Rangers!!
I get my NYR photos here!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Guh. Buffalo gets two feet of snow, and the Rangers save their defense for a rainy day... WTF?! C'mon, boys, at least think about the area inside your own blue line.
Ok, it's a long season. No panic. Yet.
Let's Go Ranguhs!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

3.3 seconds... another loss.jpg

Originally uploaded by placidian.
Pittspuke 6-
Rangers 5. Guh.
The Penguins were outshot at MSG 42-22, but won the game on a very late goal on a unlucky deflection off the skate of Ranger defenseman Aaron Ward. Aaron, if we will recall from last year's playoffs, (with Carolina Hurricanes) has developed a bad habit of putting his skate in front of the oppositions' shots.
A 2 game winning streak, followed by a 2 game losing streak.
I'm going on the record as preferring winning streaks.
Let's Go Ranguhs!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home & Home (did not mean) Win & Win...

Flyers 4, Rangers 2. Guh. The Blueshirts will not go undefeated this season. Well, of course not but this was a bit of a letdown, now, wasn't it? Losing to Philly on the back end of a Home and Home, when a sweep would've been so sweet. And as we all know, I hate the frelling Flyers, I really do.
On the lighter side, Suzy Allman (NYTimes.com) would like to point out that ice is slippery, and her photo has begun a Strauss waltz playing in my head. Possibly the Blue Danube melody? La-la-la-la-la, tweet tweet-tweet tweet. La-la-la-la-la, tweet tweet-tweet tweet.

Anyway, Let's Go Ranguhs!!

p.s. tonight is game one of the NL Championship series, so Let's Go Mets!! Let's Go Mets!

Monday, October 09, 2006

13 Rounds of Shootout... Result!


The boys took the short road trip to Philly to play the hated and despised Flyers and after a long overtime shootout duel between goalies Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers and Antero Niittymaki of the Flyers, Marcel Hossa finally scored in the 13th round for the Ranger win.

YAY!!! Michael Nylander had three helpers, and was the game's second star.
Let's Go Rangers!
NYR Photos and Videos here!

I almost forgot about the fact that there was a game Saturday, so excited have I been about my NY Mets. (sweeping the Dodgers three straight, YAY! So forgive me for losing focus but Let's Go Mets!
Let's Go Mets!Let's Go Mets!Let's Go Mets!

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Beautiful Start to the 2006 Season!


Opening night at MSG, and the boys come through with a win! YAY!
Jaromir Jagr scored on the first shot of his first shift. Brendan Shanahan scored 2 goals, including #600 of his 19 year career, and lapped up the rousing reception by the Garden faithful. Petr Prucha (aka Petr Puck) reiterated his case for star status, assisting on both of the Shanahan goals. Henrik Lundqvist was stellar in goal and OMG, I am so happy to have hockey back! Now, I've got to find a way to get these frakkin' games on my television set. Or at least get a broadband Internet connection so I can see the video highlights at http://www.newyorkrangers.com.
M.V.P.! M.V.P.! Yes, the fans' chant from last year is back, from the opening moments of the season. I love it!
Let's Go Rangers!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October Schedule (TWO Changes so far!)

A couple of important dates to think about:

1) 2006 National Hockey League season begins on Wednesday!!! To listen to the theme from Hockey Night in Canada, click on the following link:
  • Hockey Night In Canada Theme

  • Isn't that awesome? YAY! The preceding link has been provided as a service for all of the Canadians (um, both of them) on my mailing list. You're welcome!

    2) Major League Baseball playoffs start Tuesday!! (Let's Go Mets! see below) I'm sorry the Astros didn't quite make it, things would've been much more fun in Houston if they had. As Houstonians, i know you can't possibly bring yourselves to root for my Mets, (See below) but in the name of all that is holy, at least join me in rooting against the Yankees!

    Oh well, enough of the sporting news. Here are my gigs for October. The weather is cooling (theoretically) and there are plenty of good seats available, so c'mon out to see me/hear me play, mmkay. As usual, these dates are subject to change, except for the National Holidays, of course.

    3 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8 (12420 Memorial Dr., just west of Gessner)
    4 Wed. Grappino 6-10 (West Dallas, just east of Waugh)
    5 Thurs. Special Assignment
    6 Fri. Molly's Pub 9-1:30 (Corner of Wilcrest and Westheimer)
    7 Sat. Vine Wine Room 7-10
    9 Mon. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Happy Columbus Day!
    10 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8
    11 Wed. Grappino 6-10
    12 DELAYED?! (WAS: Marriot in the Woodlands)
    13 Fri. Special Assignment
    14 Sat. Grappino 6:30-11
    17 Tue. CANCELLED!! WAS: Vine Wine Room
    18 Wed. Grappino 6-10
    19 Thurs. Marriot in the Woodlands 7:30-11:30
    20 Fri. Sweetwater Country Club 6:30-10:30
    21 Sat. Grisby Grill 6-10:00 (Grisby, just south of I-10/HWY 6)
    24 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8
    25 Wed. Grappino 6-10
    26 Thurs.
    27 Fri. Special Assignment
    28 Sat. Special Assignment
    31 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8 Happy Halloween!


    Let's Go Mets!
    Mets fans, please click the following link:
  • Meet The Mets theme song

  • Ok, Now Everybody Sing!
    Step right up and greet the Mets!
    Bring your kiddies,
    bring your wife;
    Guaranteed to have the time of your life
    because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball
    knocking those home runs over the wall!
    East side,
    West side,
    everybody’s coming down
    to meet the M-E-T-S Mets of New York town!

    Oh, the butcher and the baker and the people on the streets,
    where did they go? To MEET THE METS!
    Oh, they’re hollerin’ and cheerin’ and they’re jumpin’ in their seats,
    where did they go? To MEET THE METS!
    All the fans are true to the orange and blue,
    so hurry up and come on down -
    cause we’ve got ourselves a ball club,
    The Mets of New York town!
    Give‘em a yell!
    Give‘em a hand!
    And let‘em know your rootin’ in the stand!