Tuesday, July 31, 2012


2012 is half over. guh. 'My how time flies', he said, his life slipping away...
LOL, anyways, there is an inexplicable gap in the middle of this month's calendar. No worries!
And wow, compared to last summer, we've had so much rain. On behalf of all growing things, and all thirsty beings, let me say THANK YOU, Mother Nature. =)
3 Tues. Vine Wine Room 7-11 (12420 Memorial Dr., just west of Gessner) Vine map Vine Wine Room in Houston.jpeg
4 Wed. Happy Independence Day! POSSIBLE GIG: Vincent's 6-9:00 (2701 West Dallas, between Waugh & Montrose) Grappino map
5 Thurs. Hungry's Cafe & Bistro NEXTDOOR Lounge 5-10 (14714 Memorial Dr.) Hungry's NextDoor.jpeg Hungry’s map
6 Fri. Special Assignment (Falcon Point Country Club)
7 Sat. Vine Wine Room 7-11
10 Tues. Vine Wine Room 6-9
11 Wed. Grappino 5:30-9:00
12 Thurs. Hungry's Cafe &Bistro NEXTDOOR Lounge 5-9
13 Fri. worms
24 Tues. Vine Wine Room 6-9
25 Wed. Grappino 5:30-9:00
26 Thurs. Hungry's Cafe &Bistro NEXTDOOR Lounge 5-9
27 Fri. Memorial Wine Cellar 8-11 (7591 Katy Freeway, Suite B) MWC map
28 Sat. Kroger in the Heights 5-7 (11th & Shepherd) Kroger Heights map Kroger in Ice.jpg
31 Tues. Vine Wine Room 6-9

Sunday, July 01, 2012

About that chat box : Update

The chatbox is gone. From now on, we communicate telepathically. =)
Well, I thought that chat box might be kinda fun way to people to get in touch for gigs, or heckle me humorously, etc.
But it has mostly turned out to be a receptacle for spam from Indonesia.
I think that Cbox is a common way for Indonesian* bloggers to direct traffic to their sites, to get some sort of advertising income. Those pennies add up, right?!
Seriously, I have to delete 99% of everything that is posted there. Not a big deal, but I would rather it do more than just take up space in the sidebar.
Anyway, my paid version Cbox is up next month, so I think I will eliminate it at that time.
*Indonesia, I love so much of your music, but really, I'm not gonna visit random blogs just because you (or some net-bot) leaves a shout in my chatbox. C'mon, man!

By the way, if you want to hear a lovely selection of indie music from Indonesia, go over to here, and let that play while you do your Internet thing. =)