Sunday, July 01, 2012

About that chat box : Update

The chatbox is gone. From now on, we communicate telepathically. =)
Well, I thought that chat box might be kinda fun way to people to get in touch for gigs, or heckle me humorously, etc.
But it has mostly turned out to be a receptacle for spam from Indonesia.
I think that Cbox is a common way for Indonesian* bloggers to direct traffic to their sites, to get some sort of advertising income. Those pennies add up, right?!
Seriously, I have to delete 99% of everything that is posted there. Not a big deal, but I would rather it do more than just take up space in the sidebar.
Anyway, my paid version Cbox is up next month, so I think I will eliminate it at that time.
*Indonesia, I love so much of your music, but really, I'm not gonna visit random blogs just because you (or some net-bot) leaves a shout in my chatbox. C'mon, man!

By the way, if you want to hear a lovely selection of indie music from Indonesia, go over to here, and let that play while you do your Internet thing. =)

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