Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the end. so sad.

A Valiant Effort!.jpeg
Penguins 3 Rangers 2 (OT)
guh. Double overtime loss to end the season, that's not the way I scripted it. Oh well, I'm late posting this, but in the interest of completing my task:
The boys were bruised, bloody and battered... But unbowed:
No penalty for this?!.jpg
The goal by Nigel Dawes would be the last for the Rangers this season:
Last goal of the Rangers season.jpg
Jordan and Marc Staal, brotherly love:
Brothers doing battle.jpg
Brothers after the battle.jpg
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!

Friday, May 02, 2008

It Ain't Over!

NY Rangers Goal Celebration Song
No soup for you, Malkin!.jpg
Rangers 3 Penguins 0
Coming through in a must win situation, and being led by your team's captain- that's straight outta Hollywood, right?
After scoring the game's 1st goal in period 2, Jagr lay on the ice for a coupla minutes:
Captain can't celebrate atm..jpg
He took a brutal (but legal) hit, and never missed a shift. He heard the Garden faithful chant his name all night, and even scored an empty net goal to put an exclamation point on a brilliant effort.
Captain Awesome!.jpg
The other big star for the blueshirts was Henrik Lundqvist; here he is getting a creaseful of Evgeni Malin:
Spilled Malkin.jpg
That play resulted in a penalty shot, and yep, King Henrik stoned him:

Right into the glove.jpg
And for stopping many great Penguin chances, including the Malkin penalty shot, the King is awarded 1st star:
The King salutes.jpg
Well now, winning is fun, isn't it?
Game 5 in Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon. Another must win...
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May-be, Maybe not. UPDATED! (30TH)

My fingers hurt. (duh, from playing guitar, not typing this schedule, mmkay)
This will probably change the second I post it, because 1.) I may not really have gig on the 30th, even tho I thought I did, and 2.) a Saturday night off? (31st) Really?

Anyway, lots of chances for you to avoid me come heckle me hear me play yay. =)
1 Thurs. Red Balloon Cafe 6-9 Red Balloon map
2 Fri. Molly's Pub 9-1:30 (Corner of Wilcrest & Westheimer) Molly’s map
3 Sat. Berryhill Baja Grill in Kingwood. (Kingwood Dr., east of 59) 7-11:00
4 Sun. Special Assignment
5 Mon. Kroger River Oaks 5-7 (1938 West Gray, between Shepherd & Waugh) Kroger map
6 Tue. Special Assignment
7 Wed. Grappino 6-10:00 Grappino map
8 Thurs. Marriot Woodlands 7:30-11:30 (1601 Lake Robbins Dr.) Marriot map
9 Fri. Special Assignment (Sweetwater Country Club)
10 Sat. Special Assignment
11 Sun. Tobin’s Crawfish Boil 3-7 (11902 Jones Rd.)Tobin’s map
12 Mon. Kroger Buffalo Speedway 5-7 (5150 Buffalo Speedway) Kroger Buffalo Speedway map
13 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:30 (12420 Memorial Dr., just west of Gessner) Vine-map
14 Wed. Grappino 6-10:00
15 Thurs. Red Balloon Cafe 6-9
16 Fri. Robustos Cigar Lounge 9-1 Robustos map
17 Sat. Special Assignment
18 Sun. NO GIG (Was Tobin's)
19 Mon. Kroger River Oaks 5-7
20 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:30
21 Wed. Grappino 6-10:00
22 Thurs. Marriot Woodlands 7:30-11:30
23 Fri. Molly's Pub 9-1:30
24 Sat. Backyard Grill (formerly known as Grisby Grill) 7-10 (14555 Grisby Rd.) Backyard-map
25 Sun. Tobin’s Crawfish Boil 3-7
26 Mon. Kroger River Oaks 3-5
27 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:30
28 Wed. Grappino 6-10:00
29 Thurs. Red Balloon Cafe 6-9
30 Fri. I think the Berryhill gig is not happening. Or at least, I'm not driving 40 miles to Kingwood during rush hour unless someone tells me it's DEFINITELY on.
31 Sat.