Friday, January 06, 2006

I HATE the Flyers.

Let's just get that out of the way, right off the bat. I never like to see the boys lose, but losing to the Flyers in overtime (Just 7 seconds into ot- what, were they still standing along the dasher, drinking Powerade?) is a steamy pile of crap.

I AM NOT HAPPY. Oh well, I shall console myself with the knowledge that the Blueshirts salvaged a point for getting a tie in regulation.

And look at the expression on the girl's face behind the glass, just beyond the dejected Marik Malek. She's not happy either. I'm guessing she's about to launch an f-bomb, followed by another f-bomb. I hear ya, girl!

I hate the Flyers!

Robert Caplin from the NY Times took the photo, and with abject sadness, I have posted it here without permission.

*sigh* Let's Go Rangers!

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