Friday, January 20, 2006

I have a new front tooth, and the Rangers Win in Pittsburgh.

Rangers 4 - Penguins 2. YAY!

Petr Puck netted 2 goals, and Michal Rozsival made up for his earlier gaffe (scoring a dreaded 'own goal') by tallying the game-winner. They're calling it a 'Playoff Push' over at, and so am I. (thanks again for the photo!)

Things are looking up

Let's Go Rangers!

I have a new crown, which has been cemented in place on my titanium dental implant. For the money this whole thing has cost me, it had better outlast the Earth, the stars, and the cockroaches. I'm including this personal item with my NYR obsession only because my tooth trouble was the result of a hockey injury.
Sorry, no picture available.

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