Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Now Partially Made Of TITANIUM! (it's true)

Painting of Scott


placidian said...

The painting is by the New Orleans, LA artist Ann Delorge. I've actually never met her; she did the painting from a photo.

Go here for a little more about the artist:

Jessica said...

Hey you, I read your comment over at Cliptip and here are downloadable versions of Emiliana´s "Sunny Road" video:

high quality:

Have you already seen her "Heart Stopper", it´s quite lovely as well.

placidian said...

Thank you, Jessica! So nice of you to help me out with that vid.


lakeplacidgirl said...

Spot is completely conversant in the pana ou ah ou ah language and can be seen making a face in tiny windows on occasion...said guys! said yeah...heeksie weeksie.

placidian said...

I would like to be able to say I have no idea what you're talking about; unfortunately, I do.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

Samantha. said...

You quite possibly may have made my day. Yes, you have.

placidian said...

It was my pleasure.

Ryan said...

hey, check out my blog if youre interested, new band and mp3 every day! sorry to advertise in your blog but at least I'm sincere. haha