Friday, December 09, 2005

Peter Puck (a.k.a. Petr Prucha) Does Not Suck!

After getting a measly 1 point in the overtime loss to the Black Hawks, the Rangers took it out on the Nashville Predators last night, 5-1.
What can I say, the oatmeal just tastes a bit sweeter when your team is in first place. WOO!
Peter Puck


Let's Go Rangers!
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Anonymous said...

Hey - great to find a Ranger fan in Houston. I'm one down her as well!


placidian said...

Hi Rich,

Being a Ranger fan (or hockey fan in general( down here is a lonely, frustrating existence, especially with no OLN on the cable. My New Year's resolution is to become wealthy, buy a satellite dish, and subscribe to MSG Network.
Of course, since I work nights, I'll have to 'tivo' the games, but that's ok...