Sunday, December 31, 2006

America's Long Nightmare Is Over! UPDATED!

YAY!!! After 7 losses, the Rangers took out their frustration on the Washington Capitals, giving them an end of the year beating. Seriously, this game deteriorated into the classic 'I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out' situation. Darius Kasparitis rose from the dead (figuratively) and lined up Caps star Alexander Ovechkin and flattened him in the offensive zone, leading to a turnover and the first of 2 goals by Petr Prucha. (could Petr Puck be finally emerging from his sophomore slump??) Once the Blueshirts built the lead to 3-0, Washington's notorious thug Donald Brashear decided to go after a few of the Rangers skill players, including Jaromir Jagr. Assistant captain Brendan Shanahan, known more for scoring than fighting, stuck up for his teammates and did battle with Brashear. *crowd goes wild*
So, it was a good turnaround game for the NYR. Nylander broke out of his slump with a goal, Straka had 2 helpers, Henrik stopped 22 of 23 shots. And the Statue of Liberty jerseys looked quite nice, I WANT ONE! *not kidding*
So to sum up: YAY!!
Happy New Year to Ranger fans everywhere!!

UPDATE: Brashear was suspended 1 game for his sucker punch of Adam Ward, and Ranger thug Colton Orr (err, not to be confused with Bobby Orr) was suspended for 5 games for a late game cross-check to the back of Alex Ovechkin's head. nice going, you stoooopid goons. I'm sure Orr thought he was sticking up for his teammates... (Jagr had received an unprovoked elbow to his head, courtesy of the aforementioned knuckle-dragger Brashear)
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