Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Free guitarboy music

Update to the player: I added several more tunes to the live acoustic sampler. Have a listen! :)
Free Music! For You! WooHoo! By the way, allows previewing the songs. i.e., not only can you try before you buy the cd, you can even listen without downloading. [Although to be honest with you, I enjoy seeing the download counts increase, because I'm vain like that.]

You may have noticed the (new & improved) little music player widget in the sidebar area; *points to the right –––>>*
You can listen to most of the songs from my cd Take Forever while you do your other Internet stuff, yay. Click on any song, and the player should play the other songs also.
You can download the songs from the aforementioned widget, or download them from these links:
Third Cousin, Twice Removed
The Houston Hesitation
Betrayal At The End
Flotsam & Jetsam
(Only a) Dream Song
...and the Frozen Ghost
Born Blue
In Cognito
Zhangi Dance
The Emperor's New Clothes
Rapid Eye Movement
If you ever said to yourself, 'Gee, i'd like to hear a song that Scotty didn't ruin with his silly lyrics and stupid voice', then download Zhangi Dance. It's only 3 minutes long, and I practically pulled my hamstring while playing the guitar solo. And did I mention it's FREE? OMG!
9/25/06– Just added Rapid Eye Movement to the pile. It's a song I could never hope to pull off in any sort of 'guitarboy' live arrangement, so hear it here for FREE, or better still, buy my cd. hee hee.
11/27/06– I added In Cognito to the pile. This one I do perform live, but I MUCH prefer the recorded version, with the layered guitars and vocal harmonies. (especially at the end of the song)
3/2/07- Added Frozen Ghost and Born Blue to the pile. Both are bluesy things; Frozen Ghost is, um, spacy & spiritual. Born Blue is the sad slow tale of my life. (In other words, just some silly crap I made up to fill the space between guitar licks.)
3/14/07- Oh well, as long as I'm at it, here's the rest of the album...
Dream Song has a nylon guitar intro, leading to prog/metal nightmare.
Betrayal At The End is an imagining of what Alzheimer's may be like for those who feel themselves slipping away mentally, yet are powerless to stop it. It's a strummy acoustic thing, with plenty o' pathos.
The first piece of advice somebody gave me when I moved to Houston, was to pause when the traffic light turns green, so you can avoid getting plowed into by some a-hole running the red light. He called it the 'Houston Hesitation'. I play it like an instrumental blues =)
Flotsam & Jetsam has no guitar, and is, um, somewhat based on a true story.
Third Cousin, Twice Removed is very strummy. A guilt by association theme.


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scooter the site looks better and better bit for the mets stuff...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Scott. Happy New year! (Gee, what original greetings!) Looks like you will be a busy boy. Mitzi