Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winning is Fun!

The Word is YAY!.jpg
Rangers 3 Sabres 2 OT/SO
The above photo is from the Jaromir Jagr goal, set up by a bone-crushing hit by Avery (who seems pretty pleased with the result):
Jagr is really good..jpeg
If you click the pic to enlarge, you'll also notice the ref checking out Jagr's reaction, even while pointing to the net for the goal indication. =)
King Henrik makes the miraculous seem routine, kicking out the pad to make the crucial save:
'Kick save, and a beauty!'.jpeg
And here is Scotty Gomez, with your NYR game winning goal:
Gomez' Game-Winner.jpeg
From “Literally, when I get to the blue line, I’m like, ‘Should I shoot, should I shoot, should I shoot?’ ” Gomez said. “O.K., let’s go with this one.”
Good choice!
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!

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