Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pinball in Pittsburgh.

This is a Hip Check.jpg
Penguins 5 Rangers 4
Oh man, it was looking so good there for awhile; the visiting Rangers had built a 3-0 lead on the strength of goals by Straka, (a pinball shot off a leg) Drury and Avery:
Avery makes it 3-0.jpg
But then midway through period 2, the Pens scored goals 14 seconds apart: a pinball carom, followed by a more 'legit' scoring chance. Early in the 3rd, 2 more goals, this time 20 seconds apart. Same as before, a flukey ricochet off a Ranger defenseman, followed by a pretty passing play. So that's 4 unanswered goals to turn my happy happy into something I can't print here.
Oh well, that's hockey! The good news is, the boys did not pack it in; Scott Gomez tied the game with 10 minutes to go, and the score remained tied for 8 minutes. I was anticipating/dreading overtime until Evgeni Malkin put the game-winner past poor Henrik with less than 2 minutes to go. The Malkin goal (a Sidney Crosby slap shot that pinballed off Malkin's leg) was scored on the power-play; obviously, with as much freakish scoring as the Penguins possess, the Blueshirts would be smart to avoid the sin bin. guh. The Rangers nearly tied the game, but a Jaromir Jagr shot hit the goal post dead-on just before time ran out.
Game 2 tomorrow afternoon. I'll get to see most of the 1st period before I have to go to my gig. It's probably for the best that won't be able to watch...
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!

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