Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Gigs! Updated! (again)

Hello again. The Northwest Houston Live Music Meetup are going to try again this Sunday (the 19th) to come hear me play at Tobin's *has fingers crossed for nice weather*
Update #2: due to the Friday/Saturday monsoon, the bikers are skipping day one of their MS-150 Houston to Austin ride, so there's no need for me to be in LaGrange on Saturday, the 18th.
My 'stimulus program' involves caffeine...
1 Wed. Grappino 6-9:45 (2701 West Dallas, between Waugh & Montrose)
Grappino's patio pre-party.jpg Grappino map
2 Thurs. Hungry's Cafe & Bistro NEXTDOOR Lounge 5-10 (14714 Memorial Dr.)
Hungry's NextDoor.jpeg Hungry’s map
3 Fri. Special Assignment (Sweetwater Country Club)
4 Sat. Grappino 6:30-10:30
1 Sun. Tobin’s Pub Crawfish Boil 3-6:30 11902 Jones Rd. Tobin’s map
7 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45 (12420 Memorial Dr., just west of Gessner)
Vine Wine Room in Houston.jpeg Vine map
8 Wed. Grappino 6-9:45
9 Thurs. Hungry’s NextDoor 5-10
10 Fri. Robustos Cigar Lounge 9:00-1:30 Robustos map
11 Sat. Backyard Tavern & Chophouse (formerly known as Grisby Grill) 6:30-10
Scotty-Backyard Marquee 8/2008.JPG Backyard map
12 Sun. Happy Easter!
13 Mon. First Tee Pub 5-9 Corner of Whittington and Dairy Ashford First Tee map
14 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45
15 Wed. Grappino 6-9:45
16 Thurs. Hungry’s NextDoor 5-10
17 Fri. worms for scotty.
18 Sat. CANCELED!! (was MS-150 Conoco/Phillips tent LaGrange Fairgrounds)
19 Sun. Tobin's Pub Crawfish Boil 3-6:30
21 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45
22 Wed. Grappino 6-9:45
23 Thurs. Hungry’s NextDoor 5-10
24 Fri. Backyard Tavern & Chophouse (formerly Grisby Grill) 6:30-10
25 Sat. Special Assignment
26 Sun. Tobin's Pub Crawfish Boil 3-6:30
27 Mon. First Tee Pub 5-9
28 Tues. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45
29 Wed. Grappino 6-9:45
30 Thurs. Hungry's Bistro 'NextDoor' Lounge 5-10


helikoppter said...

Not at all related to this blog post, but with the spring and all I found myself listening to the lovely, lovely Cuzky again. Don't know if you've heard them already or not (they released an awesome EP in 2006) but it struck me that it might be just your kind of music. Here's a vid for the EP title track:

placidian said...

Hey Anna, thanks for stopping by! I'll check out the clip, thank you for the link!