Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Hiya, just wanted to mention I'll be returning to a very nice venue next Friday, June 26th. Red Balloon Cafe is starting back up their music, and I'll be doing a bunch of the Fridays. So come on out if you get the chance!
Hey everybody,
Nothing much to say (as usual) but I hope you are all doing well in the wilting Texas heat. Only June 1st, but it's never too early to whinge about the weather.
I thought this month I would have a lame announcement of a MySpace page you could visit, but I just realized it has been DELETED! No idea why this happened, but what a waste of time uploading songs, lyrics, etc.
Oh well, turns my non-announcement was lame after all, huh? D'oh!
3 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45 (12420 Memorial Dr., just west of Gessner) Vine map
Vine Wine Room in Houston.jpeg
3 Wed. Grappino 6-9:45 (2701 West Dallas, between Waugh & Montrose)
Grappino's patio pre-party.jpg Grappino map
4 Thurs. Hungry's Cafe & Bistro NEXTDOOR Lounge 5-10 (14714 Memorial Dr.)
Hungry's NextDoor.jpeg Hungry’s map
5 Fri. Special Assignment (Sweetwater Country Club)
6 Sat. Special Assignment
9 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45
10 Wed. Grappino 6-9:30
11 Thurs. Hungry’s NextDoor 5-10
12 Fri. worms
13 Sat. Special Assignment
14 Sun. First Tee Pub 2-6 Corner of Whittington and Dairy Ashford First Tee map
16 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45
17 Wed. Grappino 6-9:30
18 Thurs. Hungry’s NextDoor 5-10
19 Fri. Robustos Cigar Lounge 9:00-1:30 Robustos map
20 Sat. Grappino 6:30-10:30 (2701 West Dallas, between Waugh & Montrose)
23 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45
24 Wed. Grappino 6-9:30
25 Thurs. Hungry’s NextDoor 5-10
26 Fri. Red Balloon Cafe 5-9 (4410 Westway Park Blvd. near Beltway 8 & Clay Rd) Red Balloon map
27 Sat. Robustos Cigar Lounge 9:00-1:30
28 Mon. First Tee Pub 5-9
30 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-8:45


goldberry said...

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Loved listening to your music again--I don't know where my copy of your CD is. Did youever get a second one out? Can you bring yourself to root for the Red Wings? Or will you go for the underdog--Penguins? I say, be vocal for the old guys--makes us feel young. Mitzi of Detroit

goldberry said...

I see my first comment did not make it. Wanted to let you know that we will be driving through LP about June 18th. Want to show Devon where I used to stand and listen to "Guitar Boy"-aka Frodo--for HOURS outside Jimmy's 21 when I was her age. I want everyone reading this to know that I knew you before you were "famous'--though you were famouns in that town. Take care. Mitzi