Wednesday, February 02, 2011

February (Updated x4!)

Update: Added Grappino for Monday,Valentine's Day, yay! =)
Update: no Special Assignment for Saturday night. =(
Update: Christopher Fun Run canceled due to the icy iciness & cold coldness. =(
Update: Next Door gig for tonight canceled due to the cold coldness. =(
Hi folks! If you have been following the sad tale of my disappearing voice, I’m happy to announce that the recovery may be in sight: I’m going to have minor surgery in a couple of weeks. The ENT doctor is going to remove the stuff on my vocal cords and sinus polyps. Hopefully, all will go as planned and I can resume my normal guitarboy existence, yay. Wish me luck! =)
[This is what I have scheduled, but it could change, depending on how things go with the surgery.]
1 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-9 (12420 Memorial Dr., just west of Gessner) Vine map
Vine Wine Room in Houston.jpeg
3 Thurs. Canceled! (was Hungry's-NextDoor)
4 Fri. Worms
5 Sat. Canceled! (was Christopher’s Fun Run)
8 Tue. Vine Wine Room 6-9
10 Thurs. Special Assignment
12 Sat. Worms
13 Sun. Kroger in the Heights 1-3 (11th & Shepherd) Kroger Heights map Kroger in Ice.jpg
14 Mon. Grappino 5:30-9 (2701 West Dallas, between Waugh & Montrose)
Grappino's patio pre-party.jpg Grappino map
15 Tues. Vine Wine Room 6-9
16 Wed. Vow of Silence...
19 Sat. Kroger in the Heights 1-3
20 Sun. Kroger in the Heights 5-7
22 Tues. Vine Wine Room 6-9 (?)
24 Thurs.
25 Fri. Worms
26 Sat. Worms

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