Thursday, March 09, 2006

A 'Sticky' Situation.

Thrashers win the shootout, and the Rangers lose their third in a row. The one point the boys salvage for the regulation tie gets a (muted) *yay*
Jagr had an eventful night: a power-play goal, and a penalty for illegal curvature of his stick. But wait, there's more. When the time came for the shootout, the players' sticks were checked by the refs, and again Jagr had an illegal stick, and was ineligible for the shootout. The Blueshirts could've used him, obviously.
Anyway, still in first place, with twenty games to go.
A string of wins WOULD BE NICE!
that's all I'm sayin'.

Rangers 'Sticky' Situation

Let's Go Ranguhs!

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