Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Streaking at MSG...

Rangers 5, Bruins 2. YAY!!
Beatin' the B's
Hugs for everyone!
Hugs ok. Kisses, not so much.

Former teamate Mark Messier on Brian Leetch: "He'd be the first guy that would want nothing, because he's never been a guy that's wanted to be in the spotlight or to be singled out individually, certainly playing in a team game. That's just not his style. But he deserves to be noticed as one of the greatest Rangers ever, if not the greatest Ranger ever."
"I certainly don't expect to be booed," said Leetch. He was right. Ranger fans cheered loud and long before, during and after the game for their returning hero.
Return of Leetch

Let's Go Rangers!
(photos, as usual, are from http://newyorkrangers.com)

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