Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Game On! (television)

YAY!!! Thanks to a cancelled gig, last night I was FINALLY able to see some televised hockey; lemme tell ya, blogging the NYR progress is much easier to do while watching the game, versus reading the wrap-up and MAYBE seeing what FEW highlights espn MIGHT deign to provide. *shakes fist* The boys dominated a hot Carolina team, were very disciplined with their checking assignments, and kept the careless penalties to a minimum. (Coach Renney only needed half a swig of his ulcer medicine, instead of the usual half a bottle.)
Marcel Hossa opened the scoring with his 1st goal of the year, a remarkable display of hand-eye coordination, tipping in a high shot that was going well wide of the net. As you can see, Marcel so happy:
Jaromir Jagr netted #s 601 and 602, the latter a redirection off of an absolutely perfect feed from Aaron Ward at the point.
Brendan Shanahan also scored, extending his league-leading total to 17. Henrik Lundqvist got his 1st shutout of the season and he was brilliant in the process: *Henrik! Henrik!*
Miraculous_Save.jpg Lundqvist_Loves_His_Glove.jpg
Observations from the Versus broadcast:
1. Bill Clement is being wasted as a studio host, he should be doing color commentary on the games.
2. MSG ice surface, infamously lousy for decades, hasn't improved- pucks skip, bounce, rise up on edge constantly.
3. Beer tastes better when the game is on.
4. Scully (my cat) is easily startled by screaming. (4 goals + 3 great saves = 7 screams)
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!! I get my NYR photos here!

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