Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jed's Got Heart!

Rangers 3, Bruins 1. YAY!!!! A Win!!
Goals by Nylander and Straka gave the Blueshirts a 2-1 margin, and tight defensive play meant few shots on goal for the visiting Bruins. I'm not sure if they're conversing in Russian, Swedish, English or a mix of all 3, but check out Fedor Tyutin and Henrik Lundqvist making plans:
Communication, Russian&Swedish.jpg
Jed Ortmeyer missed much of this season with a pulmonary embolism; he recently returned to the lineup, and he was one of the stars of the afternoon, scoring the Rangers 3rd goal on a penalty shot. (Different angle of the top photo, click to see a larger version.)
Jed's Penalty Shot (better angle).jpg
Here he is receiving congratulations from a couple of high scoring teammates on his rare goal. (1st of the season, and 1st career penalty shot) Way to go, Jed!!
Ok, Let's make this the start of another winning streak, and...
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!!

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