Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh, Atlanta.

Thrashers 3, Rangers 1.
guh. Last night I sat through 2 ESPN scoreboard crawls (that thing at the bottom of the screen that goes through all of the different sports action of the day) and I swear to God they did not list a Rangers game, so I didn't even realize they had played and lost until looking at my newspaper today. It was the 2nd worst news I had all day. The worst was that, once again, my pulse rate was deemed too slow to give blood at the church blood drive. (44 bpm) So you fill out the forms, wait for your turn, and then they take your pulse and say they can't take your blood??? But my blood is so good!!! And to add insult to injury, of course, since i didn't give them any of my awesome blood, i don't get a t-shirt. *frak*
So... where was I? Oh yeah, the game. Well, they scored 3 (including an empty-netter at the end) and our boys got 1, from Jagr.
So the Blueshirts have a week off for the NHL All Star game. Rest up, eat your Wheaties, wash your filthy jocks, and Let's Go Ranguhs!!

Last week in a SMART player personnel move, the Rangers signed Martin Straka for another year, and gave him a tidy raise in pay. He's leading the Blueshirts in goals, and he also has a great 'hockey name'.

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