Friday, October 26, 2007

We're Only Clapping Hands For NIGEL!!*

More winning, Please!.jpg
Rangers 2 Devils 0
Oh winning is so much better than losing! Henrik Lundqvist didn't need to be perfect on Thursday night, but he was, recording his 2nd shutout of the season. The boys were solid on defense (really, the Blueshirts have been very good that way thus far, allowing only 17 goals against. But only 15 goals for, which explains the losing record, guh.)
Here in this photo by Barton Silverman we see young Nigel (left) celebrating the 1st of his 2 goals, at 57 seconds into the game. (click the pic, to enlarge)
Nigel Dawes gets 2!.jpg
So New York gets just enough offense from the rookie, and the homestand is off to a very nice start.
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!

*obscure musical reference to the song by XTC. Here have a listen:
XTC-Making Plans For Nigel
A très sexy cover version: Nouvelle Vague-Making Plans For Nigel

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