Sunday, December 16, 2007

While the cat's away...

...the Blueshirts will play:
Sun. 16th Rangers vs. Phoenix Coyotes
Smote by the 'Yotes.jpg
Coyotes 5 Rangers 1 guh.

Tue. 18th Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Rangers 4 Penguins 0

Thu. 20th Rangers vs. Minnesota Wild
Wild 6 Rangers 3
Marion Gaboricik scored 5 goals, and 2 of those were batted out of mid-air. Very 'Gretzky' like. huh.

Fri. 21st Rangers vs. Colorado Avalanche
Sun. 23rd Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators
Wed. 26th Rangers vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Rangers 4 Hurricanes 2
Here's what can happen when you skate with your head down across the neutral zone:
Colten Crushed Cullen.jpeg
Sorta clean hit, (I saw the replay on espn) but Colton (no relation to Bobby) Orr did do some serious violence to poor Matt Cullen. Well, judge for yourself:

How will I blog these games with no computer & no Internet? *scratches head*
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!
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