Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boys Gain a Tough Point on the Road!

Tough Road Point!.jpg
I'll take it!
The boys took on the defending Stanley Cup champs in their barn, and if you excuse the quick goals they gave up, (28 seconds into the 1st, 23 seconds into the overtime) the result is a beautiful thing. Because I didn't actually see the game, (following along with the game summary as it refreshes its page once per minute) I can't be sure if those quickies were the result of fabulous Detroit plays, or craptastic New York lapses on defense.
The Rangers also took a too-many-men-on-the-ice penalty while protecting the lead late in the 3rd; the mental mistake led to the Red Wings tying goal.
Ranger goals were scored by Aaron Voros (2), Ryan Callahan, Nigel Dawes and King Henrik had 40 saves. Because I'm pleased with the Blueshirts coming from behind to tie, let's have some happy music, and overlook the final score: NY Rangers Goal Celebration Song
Back home to face Dallas on Monday night...
LET'S My Family Crest GO My Family Crest RANGERS!

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